Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Respect and transparency have led RREG since its founding by a gay man with a strong personal commitment to create a welcoming working environment. With that said, RREG recognizes that the commercial real estate industry is especially challenged in identifying and attracting professionals from underserved communities, including specific gender and ethnic groups.

To help address this challenge, RREG created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee in 2020.  Its members come from various regions and backgrounds with a common mission: To provide challenging and rewarding opportunities to both current and future employees, particularly from traditionally underserved communities.

RREG is working to broaden the opportunities within its core businesses including commercial property management, project management and accounting, by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations that support candidates for career opportunities from underserved groups. By combining outreach, internship programs and recruitment efforts, we can purposefully create meaningful educational and growth opportunities for a more diverse workforce for both RREG and the commercial real estate community.

Our culture celebrates the individuality of our employees, encouraging RockStars at every level to become involved in company initiatives and to support one another. RREG promotes a culture where every individual is valued.  The creation of the DEI Committee is another platform for engagement, and we welcome new committee members, their energy, and their ideas.