Environmental, Social, and Governance

Increasing regulations, growing demands on owners to accurately report outcomes, and new expectations from multiple stake holders all require a heightened focus on ESG standards.

While all businesses are facing these increased demands on performance and behavior, commercial real estate presents a unique set of environmental and social challenges for both owners and managers. As the place where many people spend most of their working hours, commercial real estate presents an opportunity to apply practices to reduce the impact of these demands while providing a more productive and healthier workplace for building occupants. As owners and managers, we are significant users of resources, which creates greater responsibility to act responsibly.  

Here is what we are doing to emphasize our commitment:

  • Every RiverRock employee engages in a two-hour ESG training course.
  • At the property level we promote a program of energy and resource efficiency and manage each asset to a set of sustainability standards that guarantees full compliance with all requirements.
  • We developed an EPA Energy Star focused two-hour training course on energy efficiency which was presented to all building management employees.
  • We routinely assist our clients to achieve building level certifications and report their operating results to scoring protocols as needed.
  • RiverRock sponsored, and under the direction of Chief Strategy Officer Dave Pogue, led the development of a new 6 hour ESG Certification training program for the Joint Education Initiative of BOMI/BOMA. This program was introduced to the industry in December of 2022 and is currently being offered to the CRE industry.

RiverRock’s strong employee first culture empowers and elevates our people because they are our most valuable resource. We are an inclusive, diverse organization that values the contribution of every member of our team and seek ways to consistently provide opportunities for both personal and professional growth. We are an active participant in the local and professional communities we serve, supporting a wide range of charitable events and organizations.