Decisions made when we purchase products and services and the immense cumulative power of our spending on managed properties can make a positive impact on the environment, the economic opportunities of underserved communities, and the standing and reputation of our clients. We have developed a supplier/vendor code of conduct to ensure that each vendor employed at RiverRock managed assets, and our own corporate offices, is committed to sustainable practices, fair employment practices, and strict adherence to all applicable laws and regulations.

We have created and are distributing a supplier survey to allow us to better understand the environmental, employment and ownership practices of these vendors and will annually share specific data with each client. We will favor suppliers and contractors who have embedded sustainability into their business practices and supply chain, and we will commit to give preference to diverse and socially responsible firms whenever possible.

We also know that communities are strengthened when we actively support and engage small local businesses, especially with gender, minority, or otherwise diverse ownership, when possible, for both our own and our client’s service needs.