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Who Was Assessing Your Property at Sun Up? RiverRock!

Yesterday morning there was a 6.0 earthquake near Napa, CA.  At daylight, we activated our emergency disaster recovery systems in a reverse 911 call to inform our managers of the quake. This system includes an email, text message, and telephone call to alert all managers in the disaster area. This is activated for our managers when a 5.0 or greater earthquake occurs so that all personnel and property can be quickly and safely accounted for. After notifying their supervisors that they are aware of the situation, property managers assess any damage that has occurred, and contact clients to inform them of their properties status. At RiverRock, our customer service is based on anticipating and addressing your needs and concerns before you have to ask. We are pleased to report that none of our properties sustained damage during this earthquake. Our team responsible for technology solutions will continue to advance our service and efficiency.