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Celebrate Earth Day

Many RiverRock properties are hosting tenant events highlighting the importance of Earth Day and how we can all do our part to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. See below for some of the ways RiverRock has been able to reduce our carbon footprint and improve employee efficiency.

Click here to go to the EPA website for more helpful tips to reduce your carbon footprint.


Dual Monitors

After installing dual monitors at every workstation companywide, we have printed 360,000 fewer pages this year than we did in prior years. That savings is equivalent to planting 42 trees. On top of the paper savings, dual monitors are proven to increase employee efficiency by 20-30 percent.





Eliminating Paper Cups

RiverRock has removed paper cups from all of our kitchen breakrooms and replaced them with RiverRock branded glassware. The coffee mugs and drinking glasses have helped reduce unnecessary waste and the cost of paper cups while highlighting our brand.