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Exclusive Interview with Michael Valentine

NEWPORT BEACH, CA—The 2013 California Energy Code, Part 6, Title 24, goes into effect July 1. The code impacts property owners and developers in a variety of ways. spoke with Michael Valentine, EVP of construction management for RiverRock Real Estate Group here, about the code and how owners and developers can best comply with it. For more information on compliance, click here. For RiverRock’s white paper on lighting, click here. For a brochure on quick solutions for Title 24, click here. What are the most important building features that need to be addressed with Title 24?

Valentine: Lighting and lighting controls appear to be the lion’s share of the financial hit since the requirements for watts user per square foot have been lowered to the point where only an LED light fixture will fit the bill. Additionally, this code requires compliance when merely 10% of the lights are relocated, whereas the previous code limit was 50%. We estimate that the average cost impact will be $5 to $8 per usable square foot for this to work. What’s the best way for building owners and operators to incorporate these changes into their buildings?

Valentine: We think the first step is to determine and update what the new LED Building Standard Light Fixture and Controls will be. With larger projects (above 10,000 square feet), the systems will need to be commissioned requiring specific consultants to handle this work. Selecting the appropriate consultant who will be able to respond quickly and efficiently when projects are completed will mitigate delays in getting tenants moved in. How can they make these changes economically?

Valentine: Only the areas that are under permit are required to be reviewed by the new Title 24 code. By standardizing and selecting fixtures and controls with the most compatibility, you will be able to easily add to your system rather than throw away previously installed fixtures. This will reduce costs for second-generation space. What else should they know about Title 24?

Valentine: All projects will require an acceptance test technician and design review, and all spaces larger than 5,000 square feet will be required to have daylight sensors. The above information relates to remodels as well as new TIs. The rules for new construction are more restrictive.

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