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RiverRock Embarks on Company-wide Strategic Business Plan Adding Chief Strategy Officer David Pogue

In response to a market-driven need for a more client-centric property service model, we have embarked on a company-wide strategic process to respond to an increasingly evolving commercial real estate industry.

To oversee the firm’s strategic business objectives, we are pleased to announce that David Pogue has joined as chief strategy officer. David is a 45-year industry veteran. His most recent role was senior vice president/global client care, CBRE, where he led the development of socially responsible, market-driven solutions to align corporate responsibility principals into the firm’s business practices through a strategy called Shared Advantage.  Prior to that he served as global director of corporate responsibility, where he oversaw development, implementation and reporting for all aspects of corporate social responsibility, including environmental stewardship, community engagement and corporate giving.

“We recently celebrated our 15th year of business. Since founding the firm there has been a tremendous commoditization of the property management industry. I believe that success in commercial real estate and business in general going forward demands personalization. While RiverRock has long strived to provide a highly client-focused approach to business, I think we can do better,” said John Combs.

The firm is now evaluating its culture, service experience and sustainability as well growth opportunities going from a regional firm to a super-regional firm.

“Every sector of real estate is going through a fundamental change from retail to experiential, office to co-working and even within industrial, as e-commerce continues to impact that sector. Property management has to be ahead of the curve to react and respond. That is why RiverRock is taking a very purposeful direction to review all aspects of its business that will then provide a platform for long-term sustainability,” said David Pogue.

David will be leading a number of initiatives that include development of qualitative and quantitative measurements, key performance indicators, opportunities for expansion of offerings and into new markets as well as leadership training.

“Another key focus will be environmental and corporate governance as we see how important ESG is becoming to investors and owners. To that end, we will seek more proactive ways to document policies, programs and their effectiveness within portfolios,” David added.