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RiverRock Real Estate Group Launches Mobile Property Inspection App to Maximize Efficiency

RiverRock Real Estate Group has elevated its property management service with the launch of a leading-edge mobile app called InspectoRR to aid in efficiently completing on-site property inspections covering everything from exterior, interior and grounds. RiverRock’s management team also uses the tool to create incident reports,  and complete tenant move-ins and move-outs.

“The app streamlines the property inspection process. You simply go to the property, open the app, take notes and photos, which are then placed directly into the inspection report, and you’re done,” said Janne Cordova, Property Manager, RiverRock Real Estate Group.

Reports can be emailed to other team members and vendors who may need to take immediate action. RiverRock executives can log into the website version of the app to also review and track inspections that are completed.

“This is a great value to our clients because they can be assured that managers are out at the properties evaluating every inch of their assets. It creates peace of mind and further builds on our service commitment,” said John Combs, principal, RiverRock Real Estate Group. “When you consider that everyone has their cell phone with them on a daily basis, this makes the entire inspection process easy and efficient.”

Cordova noted that commercial real estate managers are being asked to do and know more by their owners and partners and technology is being integrated into every aspect of the tenant experience. “It’s important to stay abreast of technology in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, to keep track of everything, and to help aid in budgeting and cost savings for properties,” Cordova shared. “InspectoRR helps do that.”